Contact measuring systems

Technical Data - MDD

The body of the device has been manufactured of black anodised aluminium. The device is at-tached onto the wheel by means of two perma-nent magnets (holding strength about. 70 N/each) and it lies on two support rollers of hard metal.

The distance of the centre points of the rollers is measured with an accuracy of 0.002 mm. The measuring is made by a transducer, which is furnished with a hard metal, r 7, measurement point.

The maximum linear error of the transducer is 0.1 %. The device is equipped with three rechargeable, removable batteries with capacity of approx. 8 hours’ active operation.

The black and white LCD screen displays two lines with 16 characters on each. With its optional back lightning it is perfectly visible in day light as well as in dark environment.

Individual calibration stand and calibration pieces, made of steel and precision cut on the calibration planes, are included in the delivery.