Dr. D. Wehrhahn

Wheel monitoring systems for Belarus

Category: Standard

In June 2014, 3 monitoring systems for the diagnosis of damages of the wheels has been installed in Belarus. The systems are mounted without any change in the superstructure or the track on the base of the rail.

The systems can stay there during the tamping.

The systems automatically recognize the passing trains with axle numbers and gross weight and they record during the crossing with speeds up to 250 km / h the following errors at the passing vehicles: wheel flats with output of the flats length; unroundness; spalling; polygon formations; single wheel loads and overloads;   load distribution on the axis, in the bogie and in the vehicle, tensions in the bogie and buffering.

After the trains crossing, the data are transmitted immediately to the next competent authority for e.g. stopping of the train

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