Dr. D. Wehrhahn

We have won the BVG Tender for mobile wheel profile measurement

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Radprofilmessgeräte für die Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. Die Firma Dr. D. Wehrhahn Meßsysteme für die Qualitätssicherung e.K. aus Hannover hat die Ausschreibung für die Ausrüstung der Berliner Straßenbahn BVG mit mobilen Radprofilmessgeräten gewonnen.

As support of the Parkeisenbahn Wuhlheide the company Dr. D. Wehrhahn Meßsysteme has made a free measuring campaign with its mobile wheel profile measurement device RPM. The Parkeisenbahn is a public railway of the urban district Treptow-Köpenick, which is operated by children and teenager under guidance of adults which work honorary. (www.parkeisenbahn.de)

Some vehicle types previously had to be hoisted in order to be measured, which was very time-consuming and only possible in certain areas of the workshop. “This was a big challenge, even for us”, says Dr Wehrhahn. A specially adapted mounting now makes it possible to measure the many different vehicle types, with the advantage being that operators do not need to move the device for this.

Once in place, the device insteadt functions internally and records the wheel profile.

The contactless laser measurement technology ensures high resolution and accuracy when recording the entire wheel profile. Easy fastening to the reference surface of the wheel via permanent magnets enables wheels of any diameter or width to be measured. With the help of the device’s calculation software, all dimensions necessary for conducting qualitative wear assessments on the wheel are calculated and displayed.

A data logger or PC tablet are used as data input devices. Through the user interface, input allocated for the measurement is requested by the operator, the measurement process is initiated, and the measurement results are shown to the operator. By comparing actual and limit values, the measured values may be allocated to the limit directly on site.

The measurement device features a simple, compact design with no moving or open parts. The laser operates internally, with the control electronics contained inside the device.

A special triangulation laser is used to record the measurement values. The laser is linearised throughout the entire measurement area. Its output is regulated automatically based on the surface quality of the object being measured, allowing various surfaces to be reliably measured.


BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe uses the mobile wheel profile measuring device RPM