Pavement measurement

A laser system for non contact recording of road conditions

The laser measuring system fitted to a vehicle (truck or mini-van) facilitates the non contact recording of the following condition parameters at a speed of up to 100 km/h:

  • cross profile of the road
  • longitudinal road evenness
  • texture of road topping

The sensors' high measuring frequency, and consequently high speed of the measuring vehicle, offers the following advantages:

  • no obstruction of moving traffic
  • no need for an additional escorting vehicle
  • high measuring performance of up to 300 km/day


All data measured by the sensors are centrally recorded by a PC in the vehicle and triggered speed-neutral via an incremental transmitter. The vehicle's position is recorded by an GPS-system and allocated to the data. The influence of the vehicle's rolling and pitch angles on the measured values is corrected by an GPS-supported gyroscopic system.

The laser sensors are designed in such a way that they can also measure on wet roads.