Steel industry

Overlap and welding seam measurement

When welding high tensile aluminium parts in the aerospace industry the size of the welding seam is also significant in addition to picking up the geometrical position.

Using two OPTIscan  sensors adapted to the laser welding system the welding seam volume is calculated and doc­umen­ted in addition to the dimensional accuracy of the welded components.

This enables online inspection of the welded parts. Another large field of application is in the overlap or gap measurement when welding automobile plates. Individual plates are joined either by soldering or laser welding. In both cases it is crucial to the joining process to observe the very narrow component tolerances. Therefore suitable sensors must be used to scan the welding line. Here too OPTImess sensors or OPTIscan  laser scanners are used. The welding position is transferred by an advance sensor to the welding control which then adjusts the welding head.