Quality control

Final inspection

Prior to delivery of final products to the customer, it is necessary to test their perfect functioning. Especially, if these functions have to take place at moving parts, non-contact laser sensors are again a recommendable solution.

So, for example, in wheel-rim production a 100% inspection of the wheel rims with regard to vertical impact and wobble of flywheel. For this purpose, the wheel rim is turned by 360 degrees, and 4 sensors detect the necessary values within 10-15 sec and control the good/bad selection.

Another application, where the high scanning frequency of laser sensors is required, is the inspection of contactors. In this process, the armature distance of each contactor is detected under load, and checked together with the closing points of the switching contacts. These processes take place in the milli-second range. Also the concentricity inspection at running tyres during final inspection requires a high measuring frequency.