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MDD - Wheel Diameter Measuring Device

Diameter Measuring Device MDD measures wheel diameters quickly and accu-rately. No need to remove wheelsets, MDD fits under locomo-tives, wagons and cars. The device can be used in field conditions as well as in workshops.

MDD offers an opportunity to regular control of wheel diameters. The measuring results are stored in the memory of the device and they can be transferred to a PC and integrated in the Company's data system.

For trouble-free operating it is important that the wheel diameters on the same wheelset are as equal as possible. The more the diameter differ-ence increases, the more slanted the bogie trav-els and the faster the wheel wears.

MDD has proved to be very useful for early detection of this kind of wear. It is an indispensable tool for every railway and metro company in pursuit of cost savings and good service.