Ultrasonic measurement

Technical data - UAS

Power supply: 18....32 VDC; 12 V optional
Poser consumption: < 120 mA at24 V
Measuring method: Impulse eche method with reference reflector
Measuring range: 70 mm - 2000 mm, measured from sensors front rim
Resulution: internal 0,001 mm, external +/ 0,1 mm
Analogue exit: 0....10V or 0.....20mA
  4095 steps in selected measuring range Attention! Either the voltage- or the power exit can be optimal calibrated.
Serial interface: V 24 RS 232
Baud rates: 75,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600 Baud
Valid exit: reacts to echo failures echo ok.: +12V ; echo missing:-12V; max. power permitted: 10mA
Sensor preload: max. 300V! adjustable with software
Display: 5-digital LED Display

Key button for calibration to a pre-set value per interface at a measured distance.

Subject to technical changes due to instrument improvements.