Laser measurement

Main characteristics

This in-track measuring system is available as indoor and outdoor system.The following main features apply to both variants:

  • Contactless measurement
  • Accuracy of ± 0.2 mm for the profile and ± 0.5 mm for the diameter
  • Available for indoor and outdoor installation
  • No civil work required
  • Adaptable to almost any type of wheel / fleet / location
  • Robust against the presence of sanders, electromagnetic brakes, etc.
  • The results are obtained in real time immediately after the train passes.
  • Software tool included in order to manage measured data, analyze wheel wear, generate reports, trigger automatic warnings/alarms via SMS/e-mail, etc.

Modular Design - Installation without civil work

Independent modules that integrate machine vision cameras and line lasers, which are projected on the wheel in order to reconstruct its 3D profile. WheelPro system can be adapted to almost any kind of location, indoor as well as outdoor, and requires no civil works in the line.

Diameter measurement

An innovative method has been implemented in order to measure wheel diameter with an accuracy from ± 0.5 mm. This new method allows to measure the diameter exactly at a previously defined point of tread and is robust against possible variations in the position of the wheel.

Realtime results - Automatic incidences notification

The results of the measured profiles are obtained in realtime and are available inmediately after the train passes through the system. WheelPro can also be configured in order to broadcast via SMS and e-mail automatic messages when any wheel parameter is out of range.