Laser measurement

Mobile laser measuring system for wheel profile measurement

  • high-speed practicability of high-precision measurements
  • evaluation and on-the-spot diagnosis of the wheel-profile working condition at mounted wheelsets
  • elimination of subjective measuring and reading errors
  • recording and qualitative evaluation of the entire wheel profile, no limitation to only a few check points
  • immediate determination and display of wear parameters
  • high mobility of the measuring system
  • simple and uncomplicated handling capability


Wireless with Bluetooth and tablet or would you prefer a data logger?

Every customer has different preferences.Some prefer to work with large buttons - here we would recommend the wired wheel profile measuring device with data logger - others feel more free when they work with a Bluetooth wheel profile measuring device with tablet.

The decision is yours.We would also be happy to demonstrate the wheel profile measuring devices to you on site.


Our wheel profile measuring sensors are laser-based and therefore non-contact.The profile is recorded fully automatically.The sensor has a small design so that it can also be used in confined spaces.The wheel profile sensors have received the DB approval.

The wheel profile sensors are waterproofed.It is possible for the user to test and calibrate the sensor with holder with the appropriate calibration block.



We offer various, proven holders that we can further optimize depending on the intended use and vehicle geometry.