Laser measurement


OPTImess laser sensors - due to their small size, high measuring frequency, and accuracy as well as their characteristic feature of being capable to operate in nearly all environmental conditions - are developing into a nearly universal measuring device in the areas of research & development, production, quality control and testing.

The measuring method

In geodesy, distance measurements by means of optical triangulation have been used for Ordnance Survey for a long time. On the basis of a known basic length and by defining two angles, it is hereby possible to determine exactly the position of a required point. The OPTImess sensors operate according to the same method.

The laser beam, which is projected by an optical installation, appears on the measuring object's surface as a diffuse reflecting light spot. This spot is again projected by a second optical installation onto the detector (CCD-detector). Each movement of the measuring object in the direction of the beam towards the receptor will result in a movement of the projected spot on the photo detector, which is proportional to the distance.