Laser measurement

OPTIcontrol - data and facts

The standard software of the basis version is made for the general applications (distance measurement, thickness measurement, tolerance con­trol, etc.) and can only be low modi­fied for specific measuring tasks.

For application, which needs a special data processing, an industrial PC should be used.

The OPTIcontrol  con­sists of:

  • Mountable basic shell with LCD display
  • Microprocessor-Bus
  • Microprocessor unit with standard software
  • Data processing unit for captureing the measuring values of OPTImess and OPTIline systems
  • Digitale I/O modul for the bidirectional communication with peripheral devices like: SPS, selector etc...
  • RS 232 interface
  • Analog output

An additional incremental-module can optionally be provided.