Laser measurement

Automatical positioning

The described system positions automatically during the assembly process, whereby the following requirements are monitored:

  • The door’s bottom side has to be parallel to the vehicle’s chassis.
  • The widths of the gaps above and below the door have to be identical.
  • The distance from the door to the centre column at the level of the door lock has to meet a given value.

The illustration opposite demonstrates the position of the measuring points at the vehicle’s front and back doors.

In fact, the measuring problem is iden­tical to gap measuring. Four OPTIscan / OPTImess 2D detectors are fixed to a frame, which a robot uses to grip the doors (see illustration opposite).

It remains to be mentioned that this system also provides an option for ensuring the correct inserting depth of the door (the door’s surface position in relation to the surface of the remaining car body).

For each OPTIscan / OPTImess 2D detector the differences between the door edges and the car body are as follows: