Contact measuring systems

Contacting data logging

The thickness measuring system con­sists of two measuring heads depen­ding if measuring is to be carried out against a reference or absolute , a plotting device and a mechanical receiver, which can be designed in form of a C-bow (C-2501) or O-frame (O-2501). The measuring method is nearly identical to the path logging with an angle-encoder.

A quartz-glass body with vacuum-evaporated ruled grating scale serves as a reference scale. The absolute dividing accuracy for a measuring range of 50mm is 0.25µm, which directly corresponds to the internal definition of the system. The individual measured values are obtained by opto-electronic scanning of the ruled grating scale with 25kHz, and balanced against the thickness. The digital measuring systems are integrated in the fully encapsulated, hermetically sealed measuring heads. Each measuring head represents a separate, fully enclosed functional unit, and can be attached at random to different measuring frames. This flexibility offers the opportunity of a smooth extension of existing installations, and guarantees easy maintenance by replacing whole components.


The electronics, controlled by micro processors, carry out all machine functions and monitoring, as well as the data logging and evaluation. The measuring result is displayed as a digital value and, additionally, as a moving luminous spot.

For multi-track measurings the plotting device is replaced through an industry pc Particulary in the long term data collection and visual display of measured values, trend curves, extensive calculatory analysis and statistics (SPC) you get more possibilities with a PC.