Laser measurement

The measuring system

The modular structure of the DELTA MASTER-3 system allows easy adaptation to the respective production conditions. This applies both for the number of measuring points and for the measuring technique used such as thickness measurement against a reference roller (plate) with permanently installed or traversing sensors and difference thickness measurement with one sensor above and one below the material sheet.

Your benefits

  • area measurement rather than spot measurement
  • controlled laser intensity
  • accuracy and temperature stability of the CCD-chip
  • no dangerous radioactive radiation
  • no diversion via area weight
  • modularly expandable system

The possibilities

The DELTA MASTER-3 graphic visualisation and operation interface allows production motoring tailored to the setpoints and tolerances of the individual products.

The Product Management option offers simple management of the individual products with regard to nominal thickness, tolerances and other settings for every measuring-point. The pro­grammable storage of measuring results allows continuous logging of the entire production in the sense of DIN ISO 900x requirements.

Numerous interfaces for process control, log printout, warnings, large digit displays and so on are available as options and allow adaptation to practically every production line.