Laser measurement

Sensors in the track area - proven for years:

  • Laser-assisted, directionalstrain detectionof the rail (bending moment).
  • Long-term stable, positive fitsensorsclampedattachmentwithout opening thesuperstructure.
  • Quick installationand maintenancein naturaltrain breakswithout affecting thetrain transportsthrough standardized andpre-assembledmodules.
  • Easy adjustment ofsensorswith opticaladjustment (light spot on thesensorproduces avoltage division,similar to thecenter tap of aslidingresistance).
  • Removable, mountedonO-ringsbeam andweather protection.
  • No removalin trackmaintenance(plug, grinding,etc.).
  • No impairmentoftrain detectionsystems.
  • EBA approvalfor alltrack andtrack systemsat all speeds.

PC based the latest generation of measurement:

  • Network-based, synchronous data acquisition of 24 channels, 16 bit resolution and 500 kHz sample rate sum..
  • Integration of digital inputs and outputs for software-controlled processes.
  • Graphical configuration of the monitoring system with live display of the raw signals - direct control of all settings via remote maintenance.
  • Hardware and software for automatically controlled monitoring of the overall system.
  • Integration of external data sources such as Train bus numbers, transponder.
  • Encrypted communication levels over LAN, Internet, Mail, FTP, radio, SMS - File formats: XLS, XML, TXT.
  • Graphic data processing in the customer's server through database synchronization with track machine.
  • Operating system from Windows. 7

Complex analysis and reporting software

  • Modular software for automatic wheel, axle and vehicle identification and assessment according to customer specific limits such as:
    • Flat spots and spalling in number and mm / wheel.
    • Runout in the form and mm / wheel.
    • Load shifts in axle, bogie and vehicle.
    • Dynamic running behavior of the vehicles, etc.
  • Graphical data processing
  • Modulare signal lines:
    • Immediate notification with traffic light status and malicious code.
    • Filtered customer data train / vehicle.
    • Daily lists and statistics.
    • Vital signs and maintenance instructions.