Laser measurement


The database-supported software enables further evaluation of the data recorded profile of the vehicle.At the same time, it enables the management of all vehicles and wheel sets.In addition to the determined characteristic values of the profile, the complete profile curve is available for further wear tests.With the concentricity measurement option, the processing of the measurements can be graphically displayed.

The following evaluations are possible as standard:

  • Wheel flange height
  • thickness
  • qR dimension
  • wheel width
  • track dimension calculation
  • wear history
  • limit dimension comparison
  • nominal and actual profile
  • profile coordinates of the measurements

The following options are also available:

  • Measurement of the wheel diameter.
  • Monitoring the diameter differences of the wheels of the entire vehicle, the drives and the bogies.
  • Interfaces for data transfer with central EDP systems
  • Hollowness

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