Laser measurement

The application

The DELTA MASTER-3 system offers accurate thickness measurements both for materials with smooth, flat surfaces and materials with heavily structured surfaces.

The systems are camera-based and serve for online monitoring and control of the production of bitumen sheets, mineral wool, felts, rubber and caoutchouc sheets, floorings, carpets, open-pore foams, composite materials and much more besides.

Examples of use:

  • Bituminous sheeting
  • Rubber and caoutchouc
  • Mineral wool
  • Foams
  • Nonwovens


The task

A high percentage of all production goods is made from materials manufactured in continuous sheets. The continuous manufacture of sheets is a process which, although easy to automate, requires continuous moni­toring of the sheet thickness. 

The solution

Typical applications that were installed at companies which produce rubber, bitumen and foam sheet as well as mineral wool.

The continuously produced light to jet black sheets are either run on a reference roll and a plurality of measuring heads DELTA MASTER unilateral measure against the roller as a reference on the web width in the thickness, or with 2 DELTA MASTER-sensors (one below, above, the other the product) is measured as the difference.