Ultrasonic measurement

ultrasonic distance measuring system (UDM)

The ultrasonic thickness measuring sys­tems UDM 1000 and UDM 2000 facilitate highly accurate distance and thickness measurements in gaseous mediums on resounding surfaces, such as metals, glass, wood, liquids and many types of fabric.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This new generation of ultrasonic devices have the following remarkable features:

  • high measurement frequency also for thickness measuring with two sensorsof up to 400Hz by using a micro controller
  • easy programming of all parameters by LC-display and 4 input keys
  • running time dependent amplifying adjustment of ultrasonic sound signal

The UDM systems have been designed for fitting different ultrasonic converters:

Sell radiator for highly accurate measurements, ± 0.01mm on short range

  • piezoceramic sound converter
  • Whereby measuring accuracy amounts to up to 0,01mm!

The measuring range starts approx. 30mm behind the last auxiliary reflector in the sound's direction. Sensors with auxiliary reflectors are always used in cases, where highly accurate measurings are required. For measurements allowing for an accuracy of >= 3mm, or for relative measurements, no auxiliary reflector is required.

Measuring accuracy solely depends on the sensors employed, and on environmental conditions. The ultrasonic measuring system always operates with a default definition of 0,025mm. This is determined by the hardware employed, and by the pulse sequence.

All calculations on the ultrasonic card are performed with 32 bit floating point arithmetic